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About Camp

Our Mission

Camp Hanover’s mission is to provide a place apart for renewal and growth in an environment of Christian hospitality


Doug Walters serves as the Camp Hanover Executive Director and has over a decade of experience in leading Presbyterian camps and retreat centers. Doug and our other permanent staff serve at Camp Hanover year-round. Our Summer Camp staff are carefully selected and trained persons of college age or older who demonstrate a zest for life; a desire to serve as Christian role models; and a joy in working, living, and growing with children and youth in Christian community.

Camp Challenges

Camp programs are adventurous, involving risk. By carefully training qualified staff, providing close supervision, strictly adhering to established safety procedures, and being alert to potential dangers, Camp Hanover aims to minimize risk while leaving the challenge in our program.

Camp expectation of Campers

Participants must be willing to constructively and cooperatively work with staff and group members to build community and face the challenges of rustic outdoor living. Campers give up some personal freedoms so that the entire group can succeed. Group work responsibilities are part of each camper's day. Campers, if physically able, are expected to be present and involved in all group activities.

Camp Hanover welcomes persons of every race, color, sex, religion, handicap, and nationality.


Camp Hanover is accredited by the American Camping Association. We make every effort to operate our program according to industry-accepted standards which are considered basic to quality camping.

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