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AED machine at Camp

Thanks to a very generous financial gift from a former Camp Hanover staff member who wishes to remain anonymous, an AED machine has been purchased for use at Camp Hanover.

This potentially life-saving machine is one more step in our mission to create as safe and healthy "a place apart for renewal and growth" as possible for all those who camp and retreat with us. The machine will be conveniently located in the library where it can easily be accessed by anyone in the central part of camp. Though we hope that we never have to use it, the AED machine will add another layer of emergency readiness to all of our programs.

We thank our donors for their understanding of the importance of having this "first responder" always at our fingertips. They have made a huge contribution to the overall safety of the camp.

In the picture, the Camp Hanover staff has just received an orientation to how the machine works...that's L to R: Bob, Cindy, Incy (with AED), Katherine, Lisa, Marly, Jody, and Larry.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 July 2012 16:42