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Katherine Todd taught me how to sing

Katherine ToddCamp Hanover celebrates the ministry of Katherine Todd, who has served as our Assistant Director for the past five years. Katherine is hearing God's call to minister in other places and in other ways. June 30th was Katherine's last day here. We are thankful for Katherine's gift to us of her friendship, her passion for serving the Lord, and her infectious laughter! She will be missed. Katherine was instrumental in coordinating all of camp's advertising and publications. Her creativity, artistic eye, attention to detail, and love for God all came together in the brochures, advertisements, posters, and internet advertisements which she produced. It was her idea to develop the Community Worship experiences offered once a month during the year, weather permitting in the beauty of God's creation. She worked tirelessly to plan meaningful times of worship for summer campers and staff, often offering her beautiful voice as part of the service. Katherine was ordained as a Presbyterian Church USA minister of word and sacrament in a beautiful service in camp's outdoor chapel several years ago.

Allison Unroe, a pastor and colleague of Katherine's wrote this wonderful tribute to her. May God find a place where all your considerable gifts can be used in service to the Lord.

Katherine Todd taught me how to sing. I hadn’t sung with any confidence, with any passion, or with any fervor ever, simply because I didn’t sing well. I also can’t read music, and joining choirs full of people with much more experience was intimidating. So for 23 years I didn’t sing. But one summer Katherine said, “You’ve got a good voice. Want to sing with us?” Did I want to? Yes, I wanted to. Deeply. Profoundly, I wanted too. But I couldn’t. With significant reassurance and coaxing, Katherine lured me into her tiny. Five of us sat in a tight circle and sang. Katherine would point up or down to indicate what she needed me to do with my voice. When I became discouraged and felt insecure, she reassured me. And I sang. I sang on trails and in the office. I sang to myself and to others and to God. I sang in worship. I sang, and a new side of me was awakened.


The singing happened as I spent time planning worship and writing curriculum with Katherine. Between snacks she showed what it means to serve with “energy, intelligence, imagination and love.” Occasionally I got frustrated with her painstaking attention to detail, but through years of her patient graceful leadership, God enabled me to see the way she does, which is to notice beauty. Prettiness never had any value to me. But through Katherine God opened my eyes to the visible blessings in creation. I started noticing sunsets, the deep green of leaves in summer, the way light sifts through trees, the captivating flicker of flames, the distinct shadowy reflection of forest in the lake. And once again I came to know God in a whole new way.


Katherine taught me to plan worship that spoke to every sense. How foolish it is to filter ouor big, awesome God through just sight or just sound, and yet that is how I experienced the divine before God worked in my life through her. Katherine taught me to be authentically me. It’s ok to not like the mornings (and neither of us do). It’s ok to need Sabbath (Jesus did). It’s ok to insist on excellence, even when it isn’t convenient for others. It’s ok to live your faith so radically that others might be uncomfortable (again, Jesus did). Katherine leads by example, living authentically and with integrity, speaking the truth in love (for real), seeking Christian community, praying without ceasing (I learned that from her, too!), and loving God with all that she is.


Camp has been bathed in the blessings of Katherine’s servant leadership for 5 years. We’ve seen her brand and market camp in a way that has distinctly expanded camp’s ministry. In her service to God at camp Katherine has nurtured souls, loved friends, served tirelessly in ministry, created beauty, encouraged growth, and glorified God. Through Katherine’s open heart God has taught, loved, nurtured, led, and blessed the whole camp community. We thank God for her service, for who she is and for what she has done. And we pray God’s blessing on Katherine as she moves forward.

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