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Lend a Hand: Fall Work Day – Saturday, December 1

Lend a Hand: Fall Work Day – Saturday, December 1

Did you know that Camp Hanover encompasses nearly 600 acres of wooded forest? Did you know that within that piece of property, there are miles and miles of trails, and over 40 buildings, facilities and permanent structures? Did you know, Camp Hanover employs just two people – part time! -- to tackle the gargantuan task of maintaining all of the buildings, equipment and vehicles you would find on the site? That’s a lot of “site” for two part-timers (retired part-timers at that!) to maintain!

Site Manager Larry Covington and Maintenance Assistant Jim Marston do a tremendous job keeping everything running smoothly and looking great. With a site as large as Camp Hanover, they are only able to do so thanks to the help of countless volunteers who give many hours of time mowing grass, painting buildings, and performing other maintenance tasks. Thanks to their efforts you are able to enjoy your camp, safely and comfortably, all year long.

You have an opportunity, Saturday, December 1, to don some work gloves, pick up a rake or paintbrush, or wield a hammer or saw, and lend a hand in taking care of your camp. Consider bringing your family or a small group of handy folks out to the Camp Hanover Work Day to assist Larry and Jim with the maintenance of the site. You can pitch-in for a couple of hours or volunteer the entire day starting at 8:00am. For more information and to get involved, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (804) 779-2811.

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