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Retreats at Camp Hanover

Lodging options at Camp Hanover:

Camp hanover can provide a place apart for spiritual growth and renewal, group and team building, fun and recreation, planning and evaluating, education and guidance, worship and celebration


WISE LODGE/DINING HALL: 25 minimum (re cost); 40 maximum (heated)


One large meeting room (roughly 85' x 32') with fireplace and two side porches (some heat) suitable for break-out space.
All groups in camp share this dining hall for meals. In order to have guaranteed exclusive overnight meeting space at Wise, a group must have a minimum of 25 persons.
Any group renting this area for overnight use (or in combination with any other lodge areas), commits to The Camp Hanover food service.

Click here to view the floor plan of Wise Lodge



Located within easy walking distance of Wise Lodge.

4 heated cabins: each with 10 single beds, central heat, and 2 baths (cabins can be divided, 5 beds and a bath on each side). Cabin 2-B is Handicap Accessible.

Click here to view the floor plan of a Wise Cabin

KNOXWOOD LODGE/LONGHOUSES: 30 minimum (re cost); 56 maximum (heated)


Knoxwood lodge has a large meeting room (roughly 40' x 25'), fireplace, and 2 screened unheated side porches. A small kitchen is equipped for food preparation and service.

A minimum of 30 persons is required for Knoxwood.

Click here to view the floor plan of Knoxwood



8 winterized longhouses (7 single built-in beds each) surround Knoxwood Lodge. Toilet and wash facilities are located in Knoxwood; showers are in a nearby bathhouse. 4 non-winterized shorthouses (an additional 14 persons) can expand the capacity of the Knoxwood area to 70 in warm weather. Knoxwood groups using the camp's food service, walk to Wise Lodge for meals.

Click here to view the floor plan of a longhouse

KOINONIA LODGE/LONGHOUSES: 15 minimum (re cost); 40 maximum (heated)


The newly renovated lodge includes a 27' x 22', meeting room, 2 nicely furnished bedrooms (double and single beds), a fully equipped kitchen for small'groups; central heat; baths and showers for those living in the lodge and the 4 nearby winterized longhouses (each sleeps 7 in single built-in beds.

Koinonia groups using the camp's food service, walk to Wise Lodge for meals. We are encouraging adult groups to use the self-contained lodge for family get-aways, a pastor's spiritual retreat, or small study groups.

A minimum of 15 persons is required for Kionania.

Ask about special mid-week use of this lodge for personal retreats.

Click here to view the floor plan of Kiononia Lodge



These are rustic canvas covered frames with no heat or screening. Available mid-April through mid-October. Potential housing for up to 56 persons. Baths and showers are within easy walking distance in the 2 Kirkwood Lodges. We can provide meals for these groups at Wise Lodge.


If your group is too large for one of these units, you may need to reserve more than one. Please call so we can work out suitable arrangements.

ONLY when a group rents the entire camp do they have the option of cooking their own meals (the Knoxwood kitchen is the only one available for this). Any other housing combinations which include the Wise Lodge area commits the group to using the Camp Hanover food service.

We have a maximum of 136 heated sleeping spaces. Using the shorthouses and hogans can add an additional 70 spaces in warm weather.

Tent camping in designated places can add to the maximum number of persons who we can accommodate.


More Information

More information and booking forms to help you can be located in the downloads section of the website


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