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Bible Study & Worship

Bible Study & Worship

Morning Devotions and Evening Vespers

Each day Campers will experience two outdoor worship experiences, one led by their peers and one led by our staff. Each will focus on the scripture for that day.

Bible Study

Counselors lead their small group in a Bible Study each day to look more closely into the scripture passage so campers can better understand it and apply it to their lives.


Example of Bible Studies at summer camp

"Finding God in the Everyday"

Week at a glance:

Day 1

Daily Theme: Eyes Wide Open - Noticing all that is around us.
Scripture: Psalm 8:3-5 Amidst a great & awesome creation, God still cares for us.
Desired Outcomes: When campers take notice of the wide world around them, they will feel small in comparison and wonder at the Creator’s great love for them.
2CU Connection: We see God in the things God has made.

Day 2

Daily Theme: Heart of Thankfulness - Inventorying our many blessings.
Scripture: Luke 17:11-19 10 Lepers healed– 1 gives thanks.
Psalm 92:1-4 It is good to give thanks to God.
Desired Outcomes: When campers respond with gratitude to God for their many blessings, their hearts will grow more attentive to God’s generous presence in their everyday lives.
2CU Connection: We see God’s love for us in the many blessings God pours into our lives.

Day 3

Daily Theme: Wayward Heart Returns - Returning to God, we find mercy, grace, and forgiveness.
Scripture: Luke 7:36-50 Sinful woman anoints Jesus feet with oil.  Despite rejection by the religious leaders, Jesus praises her and forgives her. 
Isaiah 30:15, 18 In returning & rest we are saved. The Lord’s longs to be gracious to us!
Desired Outcomes: When campers see how Jesus lovingly welcomes this sinful woman, they will know that they too can return to God day after day and find mercy, no matter how badly they’ve sinned.
2CU Connection: When we are forgiven, day after day, we experience God’s great, unending love for us.

Day 4

Daily Theme: Hunger & Thirst - Turning to God to fill our hunger & thirst.
Option #1 – Gospel Summarized: We are made to love & be loved by God/ in sin we separated ourselves from God / Christ came & died for us to wash away all our sin and make us whole (wholly satisfied). 
Option #2 – Living Water: Jesus offers to satisfy her thirst to overflowing – in their short interaction, she finds she has enough for herself and plenty to share with others.
Scripture: #1 Garden of Eden – Now:
God’s Rescue Mission
Isaiah 55:1-3
Thirsty? Come. 
Gen 3:8a
God walks w/ them.
Made for closeness.
Isaiah 59:2
Our sin a barrier.
John 3:16-17
Jesus saves.
John 6:35
Jesus satisfies.
Psalms 37:4
Our heart’s desires.
#2 Living Water:
John 4:7-26
Jesus offers a Samaritan woman living water.
John 3:16-17
Gospel Summary.
Desired Outcomes: When campers turn and return to God to fill their yearnings, they will experience the fullness of life that Christ died to give them.
2CU Connection: Our daily hunger and thirst remind us that we are made for God and that only He can satisfy.

Day 5

Daily Theme: Love Walk - Loving others because God loves us.
Scripture: 1 John 4:19-21
We love b/c God 1st loved us. 
Loving God means loving people. 
Luke 6:27-28
Love, bless & pray for your enemies.
For extra challenge chew on Vs 29-36
Philippians 2:13
God enables us.
Desired Outcomes: Campers will see that loving God means loving people too.
2CU Connection: Walking in love with all, even our enemies, draws us closer to God everyday.

Day 6

Daily Theme: Hands & Feet - Seeing how God has made each of us with different abilities, to be part of his body – doing his work in the world.
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 Body of Christ.
Desired Outcomes: When campers recognize that God intentionally made them with different skills and abilities so they could be his hands and feet in the world, they will experience a deeper sense of purpose and hope in their everyday lives.
2CU Connection: When we offer our gifts & talents to serve God, we feel God working through us.

Day 7

Daily Theme: Revived - Receiving Christ into our hearts makes us alive to God.
Scripture: Romans 8:1-11 (main verses: 10-11) Spirit lives inside believers.
Desired Outcomes: When campers receive Christ, to live in their hearts, the Spirit of God fills their hearts and enlivens them from the inside out – with newness of life.
2CU Connection: The Spirit of God, living inside us, makes us truly ALIVE each day.

Day 8

Daily Theme: Hand in Hand - Living in the Spirit.
Scripture: Acts 1:4-5&8 AND 2:1-18 H.S. given to 1st believers.
Philippians 2:13 God enables us.
John 15:4-5 Vine & branches - dwelling in God.
Desired Outcomes: As believers, when we pray and spend time with God, God’s Spirit works and moves in and around us, giving us wisdom, power, strength, ability, and divine opportunities.
2CU Connection: Life in the Spirit is a daily adventure with God.

Day 9

Daily Theme: Covered in Prayer - Receiving God’s riches for us.
Scripture: Ephesians 3:16-19 Paul’s prayer of blessing for the Ephesians.
Rom 8:26-27 The Spirit helps us pray AND prays for us, according to the will of God.
Eph 6:18-10 Pray in the Spirit, & persevere in praying for others.
Desired Outcomes: Campers will be strengthened by the prayers of their counselors for them.
2CU Connection: Prayer is a powerful means by which we connect to God, bless others, and receive blessing - everyday.

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