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Adopt a Project at Camp Hanover

Adopt a Project at Camp Hanover…smaller, more manageable jobs that can be done in a short amount of time or have a defined ending.

In no particular order of priority.  Adopting group could fund the project and do the work; do the work only; fund the project only.

  1. Rout a new welcome sign
  2. Build equipment storage cabinets
  3. Re-stain backstop
  4. Replace and stain facia boards at Wise Lodge and Director’s home
  5. Replace screens at Wise Lodge
  6. Clear and rebuild Adventure Camp platform(s)
  7. Clear tree from lake campfire circle    COMPLETED
  8. Build in beds in longhouses 8 and 5 and 9B
  9. Reposition built-in beds in campsite A and add a bed
  10. Re-deck portions of docks
  11. Re-build canoe racks
  12. Clear Prayer Trail
  13. Dismantle Winger pool roof structure
  14. Install end windows in longhouses
  15. Paint bathrooms in cabins
  16. Re-do bathrooms: Winger, Koinonia
  17. Install new signs
  18. Wash windows
  19. Trim road side from entrance to field
  20. Install fans on porches at Wise and Knoxwood
  21. Recycle work at polebarn
  22. Grade path to Senior Vesper dell
  23. Finish replacing benches at Winger Vesper Dell
  24. Clear area between Wise and lake so that the lake is visible from Wise
  25. Adventure Camp bath upgrade
  26. Tile showers of Winger bathroom
  27. Tile floors of Kirkwood IV
  28. Move old hogans out of campsites 5 & 7 (possibly use one as floor for storage shed at high ropes course)
  29. Build decks for longhouses
  30. Install railings for longhouse steps where needed and dictated by code
  31. Purchase new fireplace settings
  32. Purchase new set of walkie-talkies
  33. Build a storage shed for high ropes equipment
  34. Build a storage shed to replace old tool shed
  35. Rake leaves
  36. Re-do bathrooms at Senior Pool
  37. Dismantle unused section of climbing wall
  38. Build sides for haywagon

Please call the camp office at 804-779-2811 or Toll Free at 1-877-OUR-CAMP to claim a project or receive more information.

We thank you for your continued support of and care for Camp Hanover and its ministry.

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