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What should I bring to Camp?

We are looking forward to having you with us this summer. The following will help you to prepare for your time at camp and hopefully, will help to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable time. Please note that we are not running a fashion show. Bring functional, well-broken-in, ready-for-action, outdoor hot weather clothes. Old clothes are most acceptable and actually preferred. Also realize that you will be living in close quarters with several other campers.

Space will be limited, so and pack in luggage that can be moved and stored easily. If you can, mark each item, with your name (it makes identifying Lost and Found items much easier).

SIGNED MEDICAL/PHYSICAL form must be brought with you and given to the nurse on registration day.

Please Bring:

  • An inexpensive Bible that the camper feels comfortable reading and using;
  • Bed linens for single bed, pillow (optional) and blankets.
  • Sleeping bag, if available. Helpful for all trip groups.
  • Towels (at least 2), washcloths, soap, shampoo.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, feminine necessities and any other toilet articles. (a small carrying case for these is convenient when walking to bathhouse').
  • Flashlight and spare batteries.
  • 5 to 10 complete changes of clothes including shorts and long pants, T-shirts, and a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Shoes: 2 Pairs (well broken-in). One pair suitable and comfortable for hiking. one pair you don't mind getting wet. Sandals/boating shoes that dry quickly are good for river trips.
  • An ample supply of underwear and socks.
  • Swim suit (an extra one is helpful though not necessary).
  • Pajamas.
  • Rainwear and hat (ponchos are fine). These items are essential.
  • Bandannas.
  • Sweater, sweat shirt/pants for cool weather.
  • Canteen or water bottle with name on it.
  • Writing materials in a sealable plastic bag to keep them dry (stamps, cards, pen, envelopes, paper).
  • Any medication you are currently taking (to be given to camp nurse).
  • Laundry bag.
  • Signed Participant Agreement.
  • A day or small backpack is helpful when groups go on in-camp overnights.

You may wish to bring:

  • sunglasses;
  • a folding Pocket knife (no other kind allowed)
  • camera & film; appropriate books for reading at rest period;
  • Sun block;
  • lotion type insect repellant (no spray kinds-inevitably they get Sprayed in eyes).


Discovery and Adventure Campers (not Beginner Adventure) need to bring:

  • A stuffable Sleeping Bag (if possible)
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Backpack (we will provide, if needed)
  • Sturdy hiking shoes/boots warm light clothes for mountain hikes.

We ask that you leave at home:

  • All electronic entertainment items
  • Alcohol and non prescription drugs
  • Money
  • Comic books
  • Food and candy
  • Tobacco products (they are illegal)

We encourage close community living and facing challenges in the outdoor world. Many of these items prevent campers from trying new things, risking new relationships, discovering their talents and offering them to the group. We feel camp is a place where we can learn to live without them. Food/candy in the cabins creates sanitation problems. Please inspect clothing to insure that any advertisements are consistant with our goals of building Christian community. If any of the above items arrive at camp, we will kindly ask parents to take then home.

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