CHI: a young adult volunteer mission opportunity…

We’re offering an opportunity for young adults to serve! Part internship in outdoor ministry and part intentional community, we are so excited to introduce CHI, an intentional community of mission volunteers, to begin in January 2017. This is an opportunity for exposure to the many aspects of year-round camp and conference ministry, vocational and spiritual discernment, and developing community.

Common Questions about CHI

What does CHI stand for? Camp Hanover Intentionally, our intentional community of young adult mission volunteers. Chi is also a Greek letter often used to abbreviate “Christ”!

How do I apply? See the form at the bottom of the page. We’re asking for some basic contact and background information, a few short essays about intentional community and service, and references. We will receive applications immediately and begin rolling interviews in early December, with eyes on a mid-January start date.

When does the internship run? We plan to begin on or about January 15, 2017, finishing up at the end of May. There is an option to stay on as part of our summer staff through mid-August 2017. Starting next year, the internship will run through the academic year, from early September 2017 through the end of May 2018, with the same possibility of joining summer staff.

What are the terms of CHI? We anticipate participants working 35-40 hours per week: about 30 at or for Camp Hanover, including at least one weekend per month. Community members will serve an additional 5-10 hours of service in the Presbytery of the James and other supporting organizations.

Participants will receive a stipend of $400 per month, plus room and board (including laundry, internet, and most meals). Participants will reside on site in a living space with electricity and heat, with bathroom and cooking facilities in a neighboring building.

Participants will serve in all areas of camping and conference ministry, including but not limited to: program (retreats, challenge course, lifeguarding and/or ropes course as applicable, environmental program, hosting), kitchen, site maintenance, housekeeping, office and administrative, and outreach.

More questions? Contact Colleen Earp, Director of Youth, Environment, and Service Ministries, at or by calling our office at 804-779-2811.

Contact Colleen for More Info

Application for CHI!

This is the application for the Camp Hanover Intentionally intentional community for young adult mission volunteers.
  • Basic Information

    Tell us about yourself!
  • Tell us about any education you've pursued since high school, including graduations, degrees, certificates, or anything else you think is relevant.
  • Tell us about any experience you've had as a camper or staff at Camp Hanover or any other camps, including dates/years.
  • Tell us about any non-camp jobs you've had in the last five years, including start and end date, responsibilities, or anything else you think is relevant.
  • Tell us about any other programs, internships, certifications, or anything else you have experience in.
  • Short Essays

    Please answer the following questions in 100-250ish words (about half a page to a full page, double spaced, if you're using a word processor to write).
  • References

  • This can be a friend, mentor, or relative who knows you well.
  • This should be someone who has supervised you, either paid or volunteer work.
  • Anything else?