Update #2 | April 6, 2020 | 3:00pm — 

Every single one of us, every person in our community, is going through the exact same thing right now. COVID-19 continues to affect our world, impacting our our kids, families, our businesses, our daily way of life.

So, we wanted to check-in. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are healthy, hopeful, and hanging in there, as best you can. If there is something we can do to help you, please let us know.

Each new day brings new information. As the situation evolves, we are paying attention, preparing, and staying positive. Governor Northam issued a Stay-At-Home order for Virginia through June 10th. We remain hopeful the current crisis passes sooner than anticipated, and we look forward to the day restrictions are lifted.

This is what we know:

  • We know things are going to be different this year.
  • We know that kids are going to need Camp, more than ever.
  • We know that every one of us will need a place like Camp Hanover.

Because we will need to unplug. To get away from our screens. To get outside. To go for a hike. To breath fresh forest air. To sing together. To roast a marshmallow over a campfire. To gaze at the full moon on a clear night. To catch a fish. To laugh with our group. To dip a canoe paddle in the water and glide across the lake. To worship together on a rough wooden bench in the woods. To savor some home-made rolls. To ride the Mudslide. To reset. Recharge. Refresh. Renew. Ourselves. Our spirits. Our relationships.

We know you are going to need us to be at the top of our game. When this storm passes, Camp Hanover will be ready.

What about Summer Camp?

We believe this could be one of the best summers ever in Camp Hanover's 63-year history.

And when the dust settles, getting outside at Summer Camp could be one of the healthiest places on the planet for a child.

So we are planning for a full schedule of programs. Because the situation continues to evolve and new information comes to light daily, we do not plan to make any decisions regarding adjusting the summer camp schedule until May 15. If government restrictions or other factors impact our plans, we will let camper families know at that time, and adjust as necessary to provide an unrivaled at-camp experience for as much of the summer as possible.

Summer registration is open. You can learn more about the overnight camps and day camps offered and sign up your child today.

We understand families need to make their own best decisions. Choosing to send your child to any camp can be a challenging decision to make, especially during uncertain times like these.

Please know, should you choose summer camp at Camp Hanover for your child, and later decide you need to keep your child at home this summer, for any reason, we’ve got your back.

Camp Hanover offers a no-hassle 100% full refund of summer camp fees.

This policy is not a response to COVID-19. It is our normal, everyday, refund policy for summer camp. You let us know your child won't be coming to camp, you get all of your camp fees back. It's that simple. No hoops to jump through. No doctor's notes. No shenanigans that take up your time when you've got more pressing things to take care of. Just give us a call and let us know what you need. We'll take care of the rest.

There is never a risk in registering for summer camp now. But, if you wait to register, you risk your child missing out on camp, because spaces will fill up.

Sign up now so you don't lose your spot.

What Can I Do To Help Right Now?


Hold the Camp Hanover Staff and Board of Directors in prayer. We are always grateful for your prayers, especially now. Pray for our world. Pray for those who have been affected by the virus, particularly those who are sick. Pray for the first responders and healthcare heroes who are selflessly caring for those who have fallen ill.


If you are certain enough in your personal financial situation and can make a gift to Camp Hanover at this time, please do, because “Camp” is an expression of our humanity. Bringing people together to build community is important now, and will be even more important on the other side of the curve. With your help, together we can make “Camp” happen for those who need it most.

Spread the Word

If others ask you about Camp Hanover or how they can help, please share this update with them. Point them to the COVID-19 page on our website. Like and share the posts you'll find on the Camp Hanover facebook page. Share the above suggestions.

Be Well,

Doug Walters
Executive Director

P.S. If you need a little pick-me-up, watch this. It's song we recorded for Virtual Vespers this past Sunday…Hope you enjoy it.