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Camp Hanover – Our Decision

May 15, 2020 | 12:00pm

After much prayer and discernment, Camp Hanover has decided to suspend the current schedule of overnight camps and day camps for the 2020 summer season. We know this is disappointing news for you to hear. It is disappointing news for us to share.  This is not what any of us were hoping for this summer.

Our relationship with you is built on trust

You trust Camp Hanover to keep your kids, your family, all of our campers and staff healthy and safe.

The Camp Hanover Board of Directors and the staff take this responsibility seriously. We have consulted with local health experts and camp leaders across the country. We have considered the guidance provided by the CDC, the Governor’s office, the Virginia Department of Health, and the American Camp Association. We’ve listened to parents and campers as they’ve shared their perspectives, expectations, and concerns about having camp this summer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the current conditions, we believe having camp would be irresponsible. It would be a violation of the trust you place in us.

Know that this is not an easy decision to make, nor one we make lightly. It impacts you, and hundreds of other campers and their families. It affects the young adults who had their hearts set on serving as counselors and leaders this summer.

But we believe it’s the right decision for the time we all find ourselves in right now.

We are grieving, yet filled with hope

We say Camp Hanover is a place apart. But camp isn’t about isolation or distance, it’s about being a part of something. Living in Christ-centered community. Building relationships. Connecting with God and with each other. Putting faith into practice. It’s about having fun and trying new things, using the gifts God gives us to overcome life’s challenges.

And that’s why, even though we are grieving over the loss of what we thought we’d be doing this summer, we aren’t giving in or giving up.

We remain full of hope. If conditions change and restrictions are lifted, we hope to offer experiences at Camp Hanover later in the summer. For kids. And adults.

We seek blessings God is now opening our eyes to. This temporary pause allows for something resembling the Biblical time of Jubilee. In ancient Israel, Jubilee  was a period used to renew and restore property, and give the land a rest. So we are taking advantage of this time to spruce up buildings, improve trails, and care for this special slice of creation. Doing this now strengthens Camp Hanover’s ability to meet the needs of our community that will surely arise after this pandemic is behind us.

Bringing Camp to you, in new ways…

Plans are in the works to bring a little bit of Camp directly to you. On June 15, we’ll launch a series of weekly events that you can be a part of, at home, at your kitchen table, in your front yard, alongside other members of the Camp Hanover family from all across the globe. Together we’ll delight in some favorite camp traditions, create a few new ones, and maybe enjoy a few surprises along the way.

We know it won’t be a replacement for summer camp, but we promise, with your help, we’re gonna have some fun, make memories and together we’ll write the next chapter of the Camp Hanover story.  So stay tuned. We'll be publishing the schedule of events and more information here and on our facebook page.

Next steps for those who are registered for Camp

An email will be sent to the parents and guardians who have registered their child for camp with information about options for the camp fees you’ve paid. Keep an eye on your inbox. If you don't see the email, please check to make sure the message didn't end up in your spam folder.

We encourage you to share some or all of the fees you’ve paid by making a gift to Camp Hanover, because donating now will help sustain this ministry through this difficult time. We would be grateful for your support in this way.

You also have the option to apply your fees to a future event, such as Winter Camp this December or next year’s summer camps.

You can also choose to receive a full refund. Whatever you decide, we will make it easy for you. Beginning next week, we’ll reach out and follow up with you directly.

We are Grateful for the Camp Hanover Family

To our summer staff, our amazing volunteers, donors who support Camp Hanover through your generosity, to our campers, their parents and grandparents, all of our alumni, past and present, we want to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for making this place into what it is today. Know that we are looking forward to the day we can roll out the red carpet for you and say “Welcome Home!” once again. Til that time, be well, stay healthy and God Bless you wherever you are.


What can you do to help Camp Hanover at this time?


Hold the Camp Hanover Staff and Board of Directors in prayer. We are always grateful for your prayers, especially now.


If you are certain enough in your personal financial situation and can make a gift to Camp Hanover at this time, please do, because “Camp” is an expression of our humanity. Bringing people together to build community is important now, and will be even more important on the other side of the curve. With your help, together we can make “Camp” happen for those who need it most.

Spread the Word

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A Place Apart…

A Place Apart...

Since 1957, Camp Hanover has existed to provide a place apart for renewal and growth in an environment of Christian hospitality. Open all year, Camp Hanover is an ideal location for retreats and special events. During the summer months, Camp Hanover offers day and overnight Christian camp programs for elementary, middle and high school age youth.

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Where To Find Us...

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