The 50 Day DASH

May 1 to June 20


…and make camp happen.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Camp Hanover and other overnight summer camps throughout Virginia have been essentially shut down and closed to the public due to the challenges of COVID for more than a year. But Governor Northam has announced, starting May 1st, camps can finally re-open and get ready for summer!

With campers set to arrive June 20th, there are less than fifty days to get Camp Hanover ready and welcome kids back for a fun, safe, and amazing summer. The 50-Day DASH is both an invitation to you, and a series of challenges. Get involved and play a part in the run up to the start of Summer Camp 2021.

You’re invited take this opportunity to donate and ask others to join you in supporting camp. To serve and help get camp ready by completing volunteer projects and spreading the word about summer camp:


  1. Raise $50k for The Most Pressing Needs
  2. Create 50 Personal Fundraisers for Camp
  3. Complete 50 Volunteer Service Projects
  4. Get 50 More Kids To Camp This Summer


Below you’ll find a series of challenges in each of the DONATE, ASK, SERVE, and HELP categories. How many can you check off your list before Day 50? Make your first gift? Create your own fundraiser? Share a post on Facebook? There are many ways to play!

Pay special attention to the ASK category. Over the next several weeks, new challenges will appear asking YOU to do embrace your inner camper, have some FUN, and spread a little Camp Hanover spirit! Stay tuned…


Your financial support is needed, because Summer 2021 will be different, unlike any other.

The fundraising goal of the 50 Day DASH is to raise a total of $50,000 where it’s needed most: investment in the added equipment and materials necessary to offer a safe, fun, Camp Hanover experience in 2021.

Day-to-day summer camp operations will be guided by the recommendations and guidelines of the CDC, the American Camp Association and the Virginia Departmetn of Health. To implement required health and safety protocols, PPE and specialized health care supplies — masks, gloves, digital thermometers, hand sanitzer, COVID test kits — are needed.  Additional recreational and campsite equipment — extra canoe paddles, gaga balls, and outdoor cooking gear — will need to be available for every camper group. Facility enhancements — touchless faucets and hand sanitizer stations, water fountains with automatic bottle fillers — will help reduce the risks of a COVID outbreak.

The extra costs for these additional materials, equipment, supplies add up quickly and require a significant financial investment, projected to run into the tens of thousands of dollars over the normal, everyday costs of operating summer camp. However, this investment will be repaid many times over by the transformative experience summer camp is for every child.

Make Your First Gift

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Make Your First Gift

Make Camp Happen for a child this summer. Make your first Gift to today.

THE GOAL: 50 First-Time Donors

Let’s Do This!

Make a $10 Gift

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Make a $10 Gift

A gift of $10 means more fun at camp! Your gift of $10 can buy a GaGa ball or Four-Square ball for a camper group.

THE GOAL: 50 Gifts x $10 = $500

Let’s Do This!

Make a $20 Gift

In Progress

The Challenge: Make a $20 Gift

$20 buys a digital thermometer. Each camper group will need one for daily temperature checks.

The Goal: 50 Gifts x $20 = $1,000

Let’s Do This!

Make a $25 Gift

Challege In Progress

The Challenge: Make a $25 Gift

To put the COVID Plan in action this summer, more lifejackets are needed at the lake. $25 buys a one for a camper.

The Goal: 50 Gifts x $25 = $1,250

Let’s Do This!

Make a Monthly Gift

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Make a Monthly Gift

Commit to donating $10 or more once a month for at least one year.

THE GOAL: 50 Monthly Donors

Let’s Do This!

Make a $50 Gift

7 of 50 Gifts Received

The Challenge: Make a $50 Gift

Your gift of $50 can buy an insulated bag for transporting food from the kitchen to serve meals outdoors this summer.

STATUS: 7 of 50 Gifts Received
The Goal: 50 Gifts x $50 = $2,500

Let’s Do This!

Make a $75 Gift

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Make a $75 Gift

Canoe paddles must be sanitized between uses. $75 buys a spare paddle so a camper won’t miss time on the water.

THE GOAL: 50 Gifts x $75 = $3,750

Let’s Do This!

Make a $100 Gift

20 of 50 Gifts Received

The Challenge: Make a Gift of $100 or more

A touchless hand sanitizer dispenser purchased for $100 will reduce the risk of COVID transmission this summer.

STATUS: 20 of 50 Gifts Received
THE GOAL: 50 Gifts x $100 = $5,000

Let’s Do This!

Make Your Best Gift

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Make Your Best Gift

Every gift of every size matters. Please give as you are able, and as God calls you.

THE GOAL: 50 Gifts of any amount

Let’s Do This!


Your voice is needed, because there’s a child out there who has never been to summer camp.

It’s often said, “Camp Hanover is one of the best kept secrets.” The experience a child can only get here is too important to be kept a secret. The opportunity to practice being the person God created them to be. The chance to be loved, and practice sharing God’s love with others. It’s priceless, and it transforms a child’s life. Help get more kids to camp by telling the world – your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors — about the power of camp. Ask them to join you. Ask them to send their child to camp. And when YOU get asked, “What does camp mean to you?” or “What’s your favorite camp memory?” go ahead and share YOUR story. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Challenge In Progress

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Ask others to join you in supporting Camp Hanover. Make your own fundraising page with our easy to use online tool.

THE GOAL: Create 50 Personal Fundraisers

Let’s Do This!

Ask a Friend to Go to Summer Camp

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Ask a Friend

Some people only attend summer camp when someone else encourages them. Ask a friend to go to camp!

THE GOAL: Sign Up 50 First-Time Campers

Sign Up Now!

Ask Someone to Join You in Supporting Camp

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Ask Someone to Join You in supporting Camp Hanover

The top reason a person donates is because they’re asked. Ask someone to join you in supporting Camp Hanover.

THE GOAL: 50 First-Time Donors

Let’s Do This!


Your time is needed, because there’s much to do before campers arrive.

Taking care of Camp Hanover’s 620-plus acres and 40-plus buildings has always been a team effort. Every year, as winter turns to spring, and spring turns to summer, countless volunteers step up to the plate and prepare Camp Hanover to welcome campers once again. Trails need to be cleared. Longhouses need to be spruced up. Recreation fields need to be mowed. Woodchips need to be spread around challenge course elements. It can’t be done without you.

Serve as a Volunteer

Challenge In Progress

The Challenge: Volunteer at Camp

Give a few hours, a couple of days, or more, and pitch in with service projects all around Camp. There’s lots to do!

THE GOAL: Complete 50 Service Projects

Find Out More!

Serve With Camp Hanover Inc.

Challenge in Progress

Get Involved with the Camp Hanover Board

Your skills and experience would be an asset to Camp Hanover. Get involved on a committee or the Board of Directors

THE GOAL: 50 Interest Inquiries

Tell Us Your Interests!

Serve On Summer Staff

Challenge in Progress

Work at Camp This Summer

Summer Camp is the toughest job you’ll ever love! Apply now to work as a counselor, lifeguard, or unit director.

THE GOAL: Assemble an Amazing Staff Team

Work At Camp!


Your help is needed, because summer camp will be here before you know it.

Help a Child Get to Go

Challenge In Progress

Help a child get to Camp

Fund a Campership to eliminate financial obstacles and give a child the chance to attend camp.

THE GOAL: 50 Camperships Gifts

Let’s Do This!

Help With the Wishlist

Challenge In Progress

Camp Hanover's Amazon Wishlist

Pick an item of the Amazon Wish List. Have it delivered right to Camp Hanover and help prepare for summer camp!

THE GOAL: Fund 50 Amazon Wish List Items

Let’s Do This!

Help Spread the News

Challenge In Progress

Help Spread The News About Camp

Like an share a social media posts about Camp Hanover every day in May.

THE GOAL: Get 50 likes and shares on facebook

Let’s Get Social!