Groups typically consist of five or six boys, five or six girls, a male counselor and a female counselor. In a typical summer, we plan for 10 to 12 groups (around 120 campers) each week, and employ 30 to 40 paid and volunteer staff. Campers are placed with peers who are in the same range of school grades. Occasionally, a group may be comprised of single gender campers (when necessary based on the number and gender of campers who enroll). Campers in a group stay together throughout their time at camp to build community. At certain times during the week (such as mealtimes, worship and evening events), campers from some or all of the groups at camp interact with each other.

For Summer 2021, we are adjusting the number of groups and campers that will be onsite at one time as part of our Covid-19 mitigation measures.