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This incredible two-week camp experience offers a little bit of everything: outdoor adventures, adventures in service, and adventures in faith! Enjoy life at camp while you and your group decide on and plan an out-of-camp canoe trip. When you return, your group will plan for and head out on a second multi-day rock climbing and cave exploring excursion. During your time at camp, you’ll have the “Opportunity to Serve” when your group travels off-site to complete a service project with one of Camp Hanover’s local mission partners. Live close to God’s creation in Camp Hanover’s Adventure Camp platform tents while on site.

Who can attend Senior Climb & Cave Adventure? And when is it?

Great questions! Senior Climb & Cave Adventure is for campers entering grades 9 through 12 (the age group we call “Seniors”). Senior Climb & Cave Adventure starts on Sunday, July 12 and ends Saturday, July 25.

How much does it cost to attend Senior Climb & Cave Adventure?

The camp fee for Senior Climb & Cave Adventure is $1450. Thanks to the mission funding we receive from churches and individuals who value Camp Hanover’s ministry, we can offer a partially subsidized rate of $1270 and a fully subsidized rate of $1095. You choose what rate is most comfortable for you. You can learn more about our flexible pricing here or call us at (804) 779-2811.

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Register for Senior Climb & Cave Adventure