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Calling all detectives!  Are you always solving mysteries and other problems? We have a hunch you’ll love the mystery and brainteasers at Unlock The Clue! Each day, campers will spend time solving the mystery of the day! Whether it’s a puzzle, physical challenge, or a combination of the two, we bet your team is up for the challenge!  Campers will still have plenty of time to enjoy favorite camp activities, such as swimming, archery, the mudslide, or whatever your group chooses!

Who can attend Unlock The Clue? And when is it?

Great questions! Unlock The Clue Camp is for campers entering grades 5 through 6 (the age group we call “Juniors”). Unlock The Clue starts on Sunday, June 21 and ends Saturday, June27.

How much does it cost to attend Unlock The Clue?

The camp fee for Unlock The Clue Camp is $695. Thanks to the mission funding we receive from churches and individuals who value Camp Hanover's ministry, we can offer a partially subsidized rate of $615 and a fully subsidized rate of $530. You choose what rate is most comfortable for you. You can learn more about our flexible pricing here or call us at (804) 779-2811.

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