Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily suspending the Camp Hanover Pizza Party Program. This opportunity will return in the future. 

So You Wanna Go To Summer Camp For Free?

Learn How You Can Do It (and help Camp Hanover at the same time!)

Introducing Camp Hanover Pizza Parties

Host a Camp Hanover pizza party to share about summer camp with your friends and neighbors and earn discounts toward your camp registration costs. Each of your guests receive a discount of $50 off of a camp registration.

As the host, you can earn a $50 discount for each guest who registers for camp, up to a total of $500 off of a 1-week camp session or $1,000 off of a 2-week camp session.

You could potentially earn a FREE camp session for the child of your choice (your's or someone you know)  just buy inviting over a few friends and ordering some pizza.

Here's how it works…

  1. Contact Camp Hanover and set up a day and time for a pizza party.
  2. You invite your friends and neighbors, co-workers — really anyone you know who has children or grandchildren aged 7 – 17 — to join you for pizza at your house. Both the adults and children should attend. A group that has about 10 children in it plus an adult for each child is ideal.
  3. You serve them pizza. It's a party!
  4. You and/or your child share with your guests about your experiences with camp and invite them to register for summer camp. It really is a party, have a casual conversation about why Camp Hanover is an experience you can't miss!
  5. A Camp Hanover staff member or board member attends as well, and is on hand to answer any questions that might come up about summer camp.
  6. Everyone who attends will receive a $50 discount off a camp registration.
  7. For every camper that registers as a result of attending your pizza party, you earn an additional $50 towards a camp registration, up to a total of $500 off of a 1-week camp session or $1,000 off of a 2-week camp session.

Common Questions

Do I have to have a child who is or has attended camp before?

No. Camp Hanover Pizza Parties are a way you can spread the word about camp and help more children experience Camp Hanover summer camp.

Do I have to contact Camp Hanover before hosting a pizza party?

Yes, you must arrange the pizza party with Camp Hanover in advance in order to earn discounts. Camp Hanover will arrange for a staff member or board member to attend your pizza party to be on hand and help answer questions that may come up.

I don't have kids or grandkids, why would I host a pizza party?

You can use the discount you earn to send any child to summer camp at Camp Hanover.

Do I provide the pizza or does Camp Hanover?

You provide the pizza. Some folks opt for take out or delivery, some folks add a “make your own pizza” component to add to the fun of the party.

Can I have the pizza party at a location other than my home?

We find that pizza parties held at your home are more effective, casual, intimate and fun! If you do choose to hold the pizza party elsewhere, it is important to emphasize to those you invite, that the pizza party is for children and adults. Adults of children need to be present to hear the information and register their child for camp.

 So are you interested in hosting a pizza party?

Call the Camp Hanover office at 804-779-2811 or contact us today.