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Your gift today to Camp Hanover transforms lives

Throughout the summer months, camp counselors—ordinary young adults, servant leaders—reflect God’s extraordinary love and grace to ordinary campers. Ordinary kids who will go out into the world and do extraordinary things, make an extraordinary impact, because of their experience at Camp Hanover.

You have an opportunity, right now...

…to make an extraordinary impact on these kids and young adults, by doing something that’s just a little bit “ordinary.” You can make a financial contribution to the Annual Fund.

Annual Fund doesn’t build a new building or make it possible to purchase new 15-passenger vans (though if you’re interested in giving a gift to make these dreams real, we should talk! Call us 804-779-2811). Your gift to the Annual Fund does something much more significant.

Your gift to the Annual Fund makes camp experiences happen.

Annual Fund dollars drive the everyday ministry of Camp Hanover’s mission to be a place apart for renewal and growth in an environment of Christian hospitality. Your gift to the Annual Fund is needed to strengthen Camp Hanover and keep this place going, day after day.

By making a donation to the Annual Fund, you become the person who fills the shelves at Arts & Crafts with poster paint and bottles of glue and spools of yarn. You keep the closet in the camp office stocked with pens and paperclips and printer cartridges. You fill in the potholes with gravel and repair the pavilion roof that lost shingles during the last thunderstorm.

Simple, ordinary things.

Which lead to extraordinary experiences.

Which change lives in extraordinary ways.

Thanks to you.

When you make a gift to the Annual Fund, you become the counselor who sits beside the homesick camper. Through your gift, you become the one who teaches the words to the campfire songs. Your support of Camp Hanover means you are the one who helps a camper learn to swim. You are the one who nurtures a child’s Christian faith.