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Summer Fun in the Wintertime Sun…

Winter Camp is an opportunity for campers to have the Camp Hanover Experience during a different season. Youth currently in grades 5 through 12 graders are invited to join us for this winter getaway.

Like summer camp, Spr-Inter Camp (aka Winter Camp) is based on Camp Hanover's signature small-group camping  model where “Family Groups” of 5 or six boys, 5 or 6 girls, a male counselor and a female counselor spend their time playing, laughing, worshiping, singing, and growing closer to each other and God through primarily outside activities, including cookouts, hayrides, hikes, campfires, games and more — all with a winter twist!

Whether it's your first time at Camp Hanover or you're a summer camp veteran with a few seasons under your belt, Spr-Inter Camp promises to be a frost-filled time of fun, faith and fellowship!

Important Winter Spr-Inter Camp Info

Spr-Inter Camp is March 11 – 13. Spr-Inter Camp begins on Friday, March 11 at 7pm and ends at 2:00pm on Sunday, March 13. Campers enjoy two days and two nights at Camp Hanover, and stay in heated longhouses or heated cabins.

What's the cost for Spr-Inter Camp?  The fee for Spr-Inter Camp is $225, $240 or $255 — You choose whatever fee is most comfortable for your family. Regardless of which fee you choose to pay, every camper receives the same Camp Hanover experience. If you're curious, you can learn more about why we offer three different prices.

Weather at Spr-Inter Camp is Unpredictable. Spr-Inter Camp activities primarily take place outside. If the forecast calls for cold temps, be ready with warm clothes, a hat, gloves, scarf, maybe even some thermal underwear. If it becomes necessary to cancel Winter Camp due to severe winter weather, all campers will be notified and full refunds will be made. There is no alternate date for Winter Camp in the event of cancellation due to severe winter weather.

Will I Get To Do The Mudslide? The Mudslide is a Camp Hanover classic during Summer Camp. Spr-Inter Camp has a few has a few of its own traditions, but riding the Mudslide is not one of them. So what's a camper favorite at Spr-Inter Camp? Enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with other campers around the largest bonfire you've ever experienced.

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