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Summer is approaching and your child’s time at camp will be here before you know it! Make sure everyone is ready with these tips:

Talk about their concerns while redirecting them to a positive place.
Here's a sample script: “Lots of people feel homesick; that’s normal. Remember that camp is full of people who care about you and are there to help you. I’m confident you can handle it!”

Practice helping them be independent ahead of time.
Work on activities like brushing long hair, cleaning up after themselves, and keeping track of their belongings. These are all things they’ll have to do at camp.

Visit Camp Hanover.
If your child has not been here before, seeing it in person can really help ease concerns and make them feel more comfortable. Check out our scheduled tours. If those don't work with your schedule, contact the camp office and set up a time to visit.

Read through our Welcome to Camp packet with your child.
This will help you both know what to expect during their time here.

Make an appointment for a physical, if you need one.
We require a physical dated within 24 months of the first day of camp. Use our Health Exam Form for the visit, then bring it with you when you come to camp.

Complete other required forms ahead of time
to make the days before camp calm and peaceful! Log in to your account and click on your camper’s name. You will see a list of needed forms at the top of the page. Clicking the link will take you right to each form.

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Have questions or concerns not addressed here?
Give us a call at (804) 779-2811 or send us an email.