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Holly described her first time leading a canoe trip with Camp Hanover as “a disaster.”

“At the first set of rapids, all the canoes capsized. When we got off the river and set up camp, we were hit with a deluge of rain.”

Everyone, and everything was soaked.

“But the kids had so much fun! It turned out to be the best time of my entire summer. It’s one of my fondest Camp memories.”

Holly smiled at the irony as she looked back on her 15 years as a camper and working as a camp counselor.

“Because of Camp, I’m a more flexible person. Camp was the place where I learned to feel comfortable getting up in front of others and being silly and leading songs.”

Holly (right) as a counselor in 2019.
Holly as a physician assistant in 2023.

Whether it was meeting the challenge of building a campfire, singing in front of a group, or leading a canoe trip, Holly always left Camp with a stronger sense of confidence. It gave her the courage to do challenging things on her own, after Camp.

One such challenge: pursuing a career in medicine. In 2023, Holly graduated as a board-certified physician assistant (PA).

“I wrote my PA admissions essay about being a camp counselor. My camp experiences, like the canoe trip, prepared me for the turbulent life of a career in critical care medicine. Camp Hanover also instilled in me a love of service and caring for others. Providing medical care allows me to serve.”

Cherished memories like Holly’s, the kind which stick with you years later, are made at Camp Hanover. Each day is filled with meaningful moments which prepare you for the future and guide you through life’s turbulent waters.