Meet the Residents of Camp Hanover’s GoodPastures Program!

As we prepare for more snow in area, it would seem like all is quiet at camp, especially in the farm area. While the garden went into “hibernation” months ago, we have quite a few living things who still require our attention in Camp Hanover’s GoodPastures program area. I thought I’d introduce you to them!

Lily and Graham

These two are Lily (doe on the left) and Graham (wether on the right), sister and brother Lamancha goats. Yes, their ears are supposed to be that small! Lamanchas tend to be sweet and laid back, and these two are no exception. The Lamancha breed is typically used for dairy production.

Little Man

This is Little Man, who is actually our biggest goat. He is a Boer wether. These are traditionally bred as meat goats (we consider Little Man to be part of the Camp Hanover family, so we won’t be eating him). His ear tag is from his previous career as a show goat at local fairs. Right now he’s got a very soft, fluffy winter coat.


Daisy is a Pygmy doe. She’s a little bit skittish but keeps up with the rest of the herd without a problem despite her short legs. Pygmy goats are bred around the world for meat and dairy, or simply as pets.

The Chickens

Here are a few of our chickens. We have 12 hens (Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Jersey Giants, Black Australorps, a Rhode Island Red and an Easter Egger) and 1 rooster (a Birchen Maran named Walden). We enjoy a rainbow of eggs, many of which campers collect for summer cookouts and the salad bar. And this summer… we’re looking forward to hatching a few!

Help Name Our Newest Addition!

As we plan and develop our outdoor education curriculum for the GoodPastures program, camp staff and family members have a lot of good ideas for new creatures. We jokingly refer to those in agreement of a particular idea as a team– Team Alpaca, Team Pig, Team Chick. But yesterday, we all joined Team Goat as we added a new friend to our herd…

The New Goat

He’s a very sweet and happy Lamancha buck who just turned one year old. We’re looking forward to having baby goats as well as goat milk, cheese, and soap in the future.

We have a few ideas for names, but we want to invite you to join Team Goat by making some suggestions, too! Comment below or email

We’ll pick our favorite name, and everyone who makes a suggestion will be entered into a random drawing to win a free t-shirt featuring our awesome herd of goats. We’ll announce his name next week!

What should we name the goat?

Leave your suggestion in the comments and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Camp Hanover Goat T-shirt.