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Traveling Day Camp comes to Tabor Presbyterian Church

Traveling Day Camp comes to Tabor Presbyterian Church

Now Accepting Applications for Traveling Day Camp 2016

Winter is coming, but it's never too early to look ahead to next summer, especially if you are the one tasked with providing dynamic faith-building experiences for children in your church congregation or local community when school lets out. Are you dreading the thought of finding a worthwhile curriculum for next summer's Vacation Bible School? Does the thought of recruiting enough volunteers for your summer program send shivers down your back? Relax, Camp Hanover has your back. It's time to bring Traveling Day Camp to your church!

What's Traveling Day Camp?

Traveling Day Camp is a cooperative program between your local church congregation and Camp Hanover. Camp Hanover provides a team of highly trained staff and a high-quality camp program. Your congregation provides the location, facilities, the campers and a handful of volunteers. Each week, our Day Camp teams travel to new locations and provide a rock-solid Camp Hanover experience to a new group of children.

Interested? Let’s Talk!

Please complete the Interest Application. We will be in touch to discuss bringing Traveling Day Camp to your church this summer! The Interest Application is not binding. It simply opens the door to a conversation between your congregation and Camp Hanover to explore the possibility of hosting a session of Traveling Day Camp.

Why Do Families Choose Camp Hanover’s Day Camp?

We believe that every child will benefit from the Camp Hanover experience in immeasurable ways. Through Traveling Day Camp, we can offer children and families a way to experience the community building and faith development benefits of summer camp, that they might otherwise have to pass up because of being too far away or due to scheduling conflicts that make an overnight camp experience a challenge.

Camp Hanover’s Day Camp is a revolutionary and time-tested program. When it was created nearly 20 years ago, Camp Hanover’s Traveling Day Camp was the first program of it’s kind. Since that time, camps across the country have adopted our model. Traveling Day Camp continues to bring the Camp Hanover experience within easy reach, right into your neighborhood, thanks to your local church congregation.

Why Do Churches Host Traveling Day Camp?

Day Camp partners ministries that have proven to go hand-in-hand: Outdoor Ministries and Congregational Ministries. Through outdoor ministries within the congregational setting, we are able to provide a place apart within a familiar community, in which campers build Christian community, challenge, grow and explore their personal faith, live in and care for God’s creation develop outdoor living skills and learn and practice servant leadership. Day Camp provides a way for your church to offer supplemental summer programming to families with small children in the congregation. Day Camp is also a highly visible outreach to your community. By hosting a day camp, you can open the church doors to the neighborhood while providing a rewarding avenue for local mission and ministry to members of your congregation.