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What Lies Beneath Bob Pryor’s Beard?

It’s been 45 years and counting since a razor has touched the fair skin below the frosty white whiskers on the face of retired Camp Hanover director, Bob Pryor.

That may soon change, with your help. Bob’s son, Mark Pryor has launched an online “FundRazor” through CrowdRise.com. Mark is asking individuals to make a donation to support the Reach Forward In Faith Capital Campaign in hopes of raising $10,000 for Camp Hanover. If the goal is met, Mark has convinced his Dad to agree to shave his beard. Not even Bob’s wife, Lucy, has seen Bob with a clean shaven chin. The “shearing” promises to be a delightful spectacle!

A Cause Worth Shaving For…

Bob agreed to the challenge saying, “I’m consenting to do this is for a cause greater than Mark, greater than me, greater than all of you who may decide to support this “unveiling.” It’s to raise money for a ministry that has changed and enriched hundreds and thousands of lives, including mine. I’m going to shave off my beard if you all raise $10,000 for Camp Hanover, money which will enhance the program and help them to achieve their mission to “provide a place apart for renewal and growth in an environment of Christian hospitality.”

A Close Shave at Homecoming?

The hope is Mark and his team of “FundRazors” meets the goal by Labor Day Weekend. They’re getting really close! If the $10,000 goal is met by September 1st, then the shaving Bob’s beard could become a featured event at the 60-Year Celebration at this year’s Homecoming Weekend. Speaking of Homecoming, it’s time to make your plans and reserve your spot. Mark September 1 – 4 on your calendar and register now.

Are You Sharp Enough to Be a Fund RAZOR?

You can join in the fun in a couple of ways. First, you can donate. Second, you can join Mark and his team of FundRAZORS and raise money right along with them. Surely you know some folks who want to solve this whisker mystery, right? Help spread the word and soon we’ll be spreading that shaving cream! Head on over to Crowdrise and click the “Join the Team” link on the right just above the photos of the team members. You’ll need to login in to Crowdrise (or create a Crowdrise account if you don’t already have one).

This is a cause worthy of shaving for. Camp Hanover is a place where God works through campers, staff, and the beauty of the setting to nurture those who pass through its gates. It’s a place where one feels God’s presence and where the Christ in each person is challenged to blossom and grow.